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IMPORTANT NOTICE: We will buy most Rotor and Fixed Wing Aircraft, Engines, and related Inventories within 48 hours of your inquiry. Click here to learn more.

WHAT WE DO: We buy, support, and sell T56 / T-56 engines and engine parts.

Internet Logistics Platforms: The specific Internet domain sectors listed below have given DAP and its customers a viable platform for buying and selling aerospace material. These specific domains have allowed us to collect, maintain, and collaborate with thousands of contacts in the industry specific arenas. The result is a highly viable marketplace for the exchange of aerospace material.

Spare Parts Procurement and Logistics Support:, a subsidiary of Dakota Air Parts International, Inc. maintains a wide array of spare parts in-stock and on consignment. We also have access to the most diverse parts information infrastructures in the world allowing us to offer the most competitive pricing without compromising quality. We want the opportunity to prove to you why you should procure spares via, a subsidiary of Dakota Air Parts International, Inc.. If you have a requirement please send a Parts Inquiry-RFQ.

OEM, PMA Holders, & Distributors -- Overseas and Domestic Representation:
If you require a global presence, look no further, as we have an established agent network around the world. We provide logistical support for a wide variety of military, aircraft, and rotor wing customers around the world. If you are a current PMA Holder, and would like the best marketing, distribution, and warehousing capabilities in the aerospace industry for maximum product exposure, please visit our FREE Registration page.

Military Logistics Support -- U.S. & Overseas:
If you are an agent or Government (U.S. Or Overseas) entity requiring more information on our products or support solutions, please visit our FREE Registration page.

Consignment of Engines, Whole Aircraft, GSE, and Spares Inventory:
For the highest return on your assets, our consignment capabilities will align themselves with your asset reallocation objectives, as we can assure the sale of aerospace items to the most eligible third parties.

Mission Statement:, a subsidiary of Dakota Air Parts International, Inc. is dedicated to providing customers worldwide with comprehensive logistical support of commercial and military aircraft. We accomplish this through the integration of our advanced computer technologies and OEM/Distributor products, to include value-added services, which exceed aerospace quality and service standards. Please see our support channels link for more information on our capabilities

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